The Freedom Summit 2015 is an incredible venue for vendors to be able to promote and market their programs,  products, or services. With a premier location inside the Caribbean Ballroom of the Caribe Royale hotel, vendors will be provided the unique opportunity to engage Freedom Summit registrants throughout the entirety of the 2015 Freedom Summit. The Freedom Summit is an event for vendors of many varieties and is accommodated to provide each individual vendor with a quality vendor experience as well as a premier venue to promote their organizations. We anticipate 1,500-2,000 people in attendance for the Summit. The application process to a Vendor/Exhibitor is now OPEN! Below are the steps to apply:

1. Read the Vendor /Exhibitor Agreement

Click here to download this agreement BEFORE you submit your application. It will answer some of the most basic questions, helping you make your decision to apply. When you submit your application there will be a disclaimer to check confirming that you have read the document and agree.

Download It Here (PDF)


2. Fill Out The Online Application

We’ve made it easy to apply to be a Vendor / Exhibitor. Simply fill out the form, supplying us with information about your organization / company and hit submit. Please note that we have a limited amount of spaces available. Applications will be reviewed on a “first come, first serve” basis. If the application is approved then you will receive email or phone call notification. If the application is NOT  approved we will immediately refund your Vendor / Exhibitor payment and send you information on why we could not approve.  The Freedom Summit reserves the right to approve or deny applications at it’s discretion. We are seeking Vendors/ Exhibitors whose products, services, and programs are wholesome and make sense to the Summit’s mission. If your application is not approved it’s not necessarily because we disagree with your product, service, or program, it may just not be a right fit for the venue.

Fill Out The Application Here  

(Once complete the Form will reroute you for payment)


3. Pay for your Vendor / Exhibitor Space

Because space is limited for the Freedom Summit we can only take serious applications. Thus, we ask that all applications be submitted with full payment for the Vendor Exhibitor space. We cannot review your application until payment is received.  IF your application is approved, you will be notified and sent a welcome packet. IF your application is unable to be approved you refund will be issues within 2 business days. We anticipate many applications so please allow 3-4 business days for yours to be reviewed. Thank you for your patience.  Upon successful completion of your application you will be rerouted to our payment screen powered by Stripe.  If you may pay with your credit or debit card and all payments are processed through Stripe’s secure platform.  If you are unable to make payment at the time of application we will hold your application and you may contact us at for alternative payment methods.

Booth Space Specifics

Vendor /Exhibitor Specifics

A. Each approved application comes with:

  • -One (1) 8 x 10 foot booth space
  • -One (1) 8 foot table
  • -Two (2) chairs
  • -Two complimentary passes to the Freedom Summit (These may not be resold as they will be necessary for admission into the Exhibitor / Vendor area.

B. Power is limited and Vendor / Exhibitors MAY NOT plug into the walls per our contract with the Caribe Royale. If you would like power this is an additional $100 charge. You may indicate that desire on your application and the $100 fee will be added to your payment at checkout. Please note that this fee does not go to The Freedom Summit. It is a direct cost to the approved electrician providing the power “drop.”

C. Vendors / Exhibitors are responsible for their own travel / lodging/ and meal costs. Through a great partnership with the Caribe Royale we can offer lodging at the hotel for $110/ per night.

D. Cost:  $250.00 per 8 x 10 space  | $350.oo per double booth | $750.00 premium placement double booth

E.  Vendor / Exhibitor Schedule:

Friday Jul 10th

12 PM-5PM- Vendor / Exhibitor check-in opens. Set up may begin

5 PM-Doors open to the Vendor / Exhibitor Ballrooms to summit attendees.

10 PM- Vendor / Exhibitor ballrooms close for evening

Saturday July 11th

7:30 AM-Doors open to the Vendor / Exhibitor Ballrooms to summit attendees.

5 PM-6 PM- Vendor / Exhibitor ballrooms close for dinner

6 PM -Doors open to the Vendor / Exhibitor Ballrooms to summit attendees.

10 PM-Vendor / Exhibitor ballrooms closed. Load Out begins. (We ask that you do not begin load out until at least 8:15 PM)

11:30 PM- Load Out Complete